About Me

Only few resume writing services can write resumes that can convert resumes into job offers.

I am a resume writer with over over 18 years management experience in various corporate sectors that includes, Marketing,  Finance, Human Resources, Project Management, Health Services, and IT,  and over 12 years’ experience across many verticals in resume writing.

I take on resume consultancy works, design LinkedIn profiles, and am also a full-time resume writer with risesmart.com.

Before embarking on a project, I discuss with my clients to understand which of their skills they need to market.

Then, I craft out a marketing strategy through proper content.

I can depict your skills in a simple, comprehensive manner so that you are called for an interview.

I can identify your hidden talents and skills in your resume so that your resume easily gets shortlisted.

I know what sells and what flops!

I also try and maintain the length of the resume to two or three pages (unless you are an experienced executive) so that it can easily draw the attention of the reader.

Don’t Worry I Have You Covered!

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Resumes that stand out

In addition, I have extensive experience writing across multiple verticals… and can provide you with quality content with expert content marketing, copywriting, SEO strategies and services and customized blog posts… which both readers and search engines will love… I can write/ edit your content, and provide that style and extra sizzle to your written pieces… I will let you in on what’s hype, and what works in the real world.

Links to some samples of my content marketing and SEO work is given below…

Quality Content With Expert Content Marketing, Copywriting, SEO Services And Customized Blog Posts.

If you require creative article/ blog posts other than content marketing, you can visit me at the below link.

Creative Writing In A Satirical, Expressive Form To Examine, Enlighten, Educate, Entertain, and Encourage.

Estimates will be provided… after I have a rough idea about your requirements… as there are so many variables involved.

You can contact me at (91)-99470-14938, or via spandiath@yahoo.com, OR pandiathshankar62@gmail.com… to discuss how I can help you.

If you don’t get an interview call within 90 days, I shall rewrite your Resume free of charge.

Let me help you find your dream job through a professionally written resume.